Basic Housekeeping on Social Networks

Friends change, employers change, and interests change, but have you cleaned house on your blog or social networking site to reflect those changes? As you continue to engage online, applying basic housekeeping techniques will protect your online health, safety and privacy.


Only you can determine the right level of privacy and safety you need when creating or maintaining social sites. But whatever your personal comfort level, your choices should be based on two consideration points.

1)     What information do you want to share, and

2)     With whom do you want to share that information? Factor in both individuals and companies in your decision process.

The more personal information should be shared with fewer individuals – or companies.

Three Habits of Healthy Networkers

1)     Review settings – do your privacy settings still fit your needs? Have new features been introduced by the service that influence your privacy settings? Have their been any changes to the websites privacy policy that affects your information’s security?

2)     Review content – and the comments left by others. Information accumulates over time, so understanding how much is being shared and is critical. Pare back where needed.

3)     Review contacts – are they still relevant? Who do you interact with online, what level of access to your information do they have, and who should no longer have access? Have your friends changed the permissions on their sites? If so, is information you shared in private now become public?

Housekeeping is rarely a top priority for social network users; they just want to interact. Yet most problems on social networking sites can be traced back to lack of housekeeping in one or more of these areas.

Time to clean house?



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