Soldiers Personal Data Still Leaking Online

Washington Post – Soldiers Personal Data Still Leaking Online

Sensitive personal data – including Social Security numbers, blood types, cellphone numbers, e-mail addresses, and the names of soldiers’ spouses and children – belonging to tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers continues to be compromised via P2P networks. As recently as this week computer users in countries like Pakistan and China have downloaded this information according to Tiversa, a company specializing in P2P intelligence.

According to the Washington Post, Tiversa saw personally identifiable data on Special Forces soldiers on servers in Pakistan in May and notified military criminal investigators. This isn’t the first breach, in April 2008, Tiversa found spreadsheets of Army promotions with personal data of 60,000 soldiers, as well as data on several thousand civilians and soldiers from the 1st Signal Brigade, and information about soldiers in the 3rd Special Forces Group.  

The Army’s Special Operations Command confirmed that data was breached, but insisted it was an isolated incident, that those involved in the breach had been punished, and that they now have measures in place to reduce the chances of a breach happening again.

Robert Boback, chief executive of Tiversa, said such precautions are not sufficient safeguards. “Every company, agency and defense contractor will say that they have a policy against P2P on company-owned equipment and blocking, usually through intrusion detection,” he said. “The fact remains that these documents are still going out.”

Given the tremendous sacrifice our soldiers are making to protect the safety of others, it is a sad reflection on the state of Internet (in)security that we are unable to defend our own troops.

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