Have a Problem With A Website? Get Real People on the Phone

If you have a problem with an online service, sometimes filling in a web form and hoping for a response just isn’t enough. Trying to navigate through a phone tree is frustrating, and calling a customer service phone number can put you in an automated operator nightmare.

Fortunately, help is just a website away

Several websites specialize in providing you the phone numbers you need – if the company provides a phone support service at all. Facebook and Google for example don’t appear to accept consumer calls.

Contact Help http://www.contacthelp.com

Contact help provides phone numbers and short cuts to circumvent phone trees for a variety of government agencies and companies.

For example they list the following information for:



Phone: 310-969-7400

How to reach a live person: Just press 4 when recording begins

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm PST

Email: support@myspace.com


Phone: 866-246-6453

How to reach a live person: Press 2 at first menu

Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs: 7am – 7pm PT, Fri: 7am – 6pm PT

Contact Help also reports that Facebook does not allow the public to reach them via phone: (there is a number that law enforcement can use)


Phone: 650-543-4800  How to reach a live person:

Facebook does not currently offer telephone support. You can press 0 to leave a message, but not sure what that does.

Email: info@facebook.com

Get Human


Get Human provides phone number, navigation shortcuts, and consumer comments about the experience they had with the company. This graphic shows the Get Human search results for Google – and dissatisfied customer comments.


Dial A Human


Dial a human provides a Company listing, phone numbers and instructions for reaching real people, but it is irritating that you can’t just enter a company name and search.


If the company you need to contact doesn’t provide you the phone service you deserve, let them – and your friends, and friends of friends, and the general public – hear your frustration.



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