ShieldSafe: ID Theft Protection Reminder Service

Every three seconds someone’s identity is stolen. There were 10 million identity theft victims last year with losses exceeding $50 billion.

Yet few people consistently check their credit scores and even fewer set fraud alerts to be warned of activities occurring on their accounts. Why? They know they should, but it isn’t a habit and they forget, it looks like a hassle, and people say to themselves they’ll do it when they have time.

If you answer “no” to any of the following 3 questions, it’s time for change – and now it’s been made even EASIER.

  1. Do you forget to check your credit report?
  2. Do you have a fraud alert set on your credit report?
  3. Are you getting ID theft protection services free of charge?

Meet ShieldSafe. “It is our belief that everyone that wants to protect their identity should be able to do so easily and for free,” said A.J. Prieto, President of ShieldSafe. That is why ShieldSafe started its “America Protected” campaign.

ShieldSafe makes the process of protecting your identity easy by reminding you when its time for you to reactivate your fraud alert (every 90 days), and direct you to the right site to do so, via email.

The fraud alert quick link directs individuals to the initial 90-day fraud alert form. Once this form is filled out, an individual is proactively protected for 90 days with a fraud alert. An individual must fill out this simple form every 90 days in order to keep the fraud alert active. ShieldSafe then emails the individual every 90 days to remind them to fill out this form to remain protected.

ShieldSafe will also direct you to the site that provides you with a free (not a site that claims to be free but then charge you) credit report every twelve months. (NOTE: I typically recommend you get one report every 4 months rather than all three reports once a year, but if you have a fraud alert set, then once a year should keep you covered)

The credit report quick link directs individuals to the free credit report link where individuals can view their credit report immediately. ShieldSafe then emails the individual every 12 months with the credit report quick link to remind them to get their free credit report.

What does it take to use this service? Just register your name and email alias. Their privacy policy explicitly states that they privacy of this information will be maintained.


  1. If you change your email address – update ShieldSafe
  2. Add the ShieldSafe alert email address to your online address book to be sure it won’t be blocked by your spam filters.
  3. If you have received a credit report in the last 12 months, you will not receive one until 12 months have lapsed.
  4. I recommend you also place a freeze on your credit if you are not seeking a loan or new credit card.

Don’t wait. Protect yourself today.



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