Online Video Viewing – 21.4 Billion Views in July

Eighty-one percent of the total US internet audience (More than 158 million users) viewed 21.4 billion online videos in July. The duration of the average online video was 3.7 minutes. Users averaged 8.3 hours (500 minutes) viewing 135 videos according to data from comScore Video Metrix.

onlinevidwatchYouTube, owned by Google garnered the lions share of internet video viewing with nearly 42% of the market, equaling 120.3 million users and 8.9 billion videos on (74.1 videos each).

Video advertising networks also scored big. Though ScanScout ranked highest with a potential reach of 80.1 million viewers, for just over 50% of the total viewing market, Tremor video Network had the highest ad penetration at 20.1% of viewers.

Though 8.3 hours of video viewing a month may seem alarming, it equates to about 16 minutes per day.  If you have children who watch online video, what they watch may be more concerning than how much time they spend doing so.

YouTube for example has some great content (I have content there!) that can be appropriate for various age ranges, but it also has highly inappropriate content for minors. The same can be said for other video hosting site’s content.

As with everything else online – or offline – discuss what’s an appropriate amount of time to spend watching videos, and the types of content that you feel are worthwhile for minors in your care based on their ages, maturity, and your family values. For younger children you may consider using a family safety tool that filters content on the fly to block inappropriate video, or for the youngest kids use a product like Totlol that pulls appropriate content from YouTube that is submitted, screened and rated by parents.



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