61% of 14-24 yr-olds illegally Download Music

61% of 14-24 yr-olds illegally Download Music

New Research from the UK found that illegal downloads of music over p2p (peer-to-peer) networks is still thriving in spite of free services like Spotify, Jamendo, FreeMP3Mail, AltSounds and ArtistLabel, and low cost sites like iTunes, Amazon’s music downloads, eMusic, Napster.

Key findings:

  • Young adults understand the concept of copyright; they just choose to ignore it.
  • Popularity of P2P remains unchanged since 2008 – 61% said they download music using P2P networks or torrent trackers. Of this group, 83% do so on a weekly or daily basis
  • 75% of teens admitted to sending digital music files by email, Bluetooth, Skype or MSN to friends and family, while 86 percent revealed that had copied CDs for friends.
  • Half think unlimited download service would stop piracy
  • On average 14-24 year olds have more than 8,000 tracks on their PCs

The silver lining?

  • 85% of those surveyed think a music download service that allows unlimited tracks to be obtained for a fixed price is a good idea, with 57 percent claiming it would stop them illegally file-sharing.

What this research means

  • For parents and educators the key takeaway from the research is that while explaining copyright principles should continue, the primary focus of education needs to be on internet ethics.
  • For the music industry, it means there is an opportunity to deliver music in ways that youth are willing to buy into – UK Music CEO, Feargal Sharkey summed it up by stating, “Clearly, the shape of our entire business will continue to evolve. However, we will achieve nothing if we do not work with music fans, and young music fans in particular. They are hugely demanding in their needs, but collectively we must rise to that challenge.”

Click here for the full report.

Linda Criddle


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