R U Lost in Text Messaging Lingo?

If you feel like you’re floundering in text message short code lingo and can’t tell an LOL from a BFF, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, several online sites can help you translate what your friends and kids are writing if it’s gone over your head.


One translation site I like is Netlingo, which provides a great look-up function for text message short cut codes, and provides a great dictionary with simple explanations on a wide spectrum of other ‘Internet’ words you may not be familiar with – like netlingo, which means internet jargon.

Add a bit of humor to your life by checking out Cingular mobile’s (now part of AT&T) funny TV ad IDK, my BFF Jill that plays with the use of netlingo in family conversations. The scene is a mother scolding her daughter for too much texting and the daughter responding to her using only text lingo.

Oh, and LOL stands for Laugh out Loud (and sometimes Lots of love so consider the context) and BFF is Best Friend Forever…
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