Watch McAfee’s Hcommerce: The Business of Hacking You Video Series

If you aren’t yet aware of, or just haven’t been following McAfee’s 6 short video series on Hcommerce, you need to check it out at

Hcommerce stands for “Hacker commerce”, the economic model behind online crimes and the ways criminals use internet services and tools to exploit consumers.

The compelling series focuses on real victims of cybercrime, and how one family ultimately lost over $400,000 in a scam promising inheritance money from a dead family member. It shows how the criminals went about the scam and will help you understand both the scope of cybercrime today and how quickly you can fall victim if you fail to take some basic safeguards.

Most internet users still do not understand how vulnerable they are to cybercrime. A Consumer Reports research survey was cited by President Obama in his May 29th address to the nation: “Millions of Americans have been victimized, their privacy violated, their identities stolen, their lives upended, and their wallets emptied.  According to one survey, in the past two years alone cyber crime has cost Americans more than $8 billion.”

If you have been procrastinating about securing your computers and learning how to identify Internet scams, it’s time to take action now. McAfee has created a 2-page handout to help you learn more about cybercriminals and what you can do to protect yourself.



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